About us
About us
Supplier of laboratory consumable and devices

Hiyi Technology

Beijing HiYi Technology Co., LTD., is a professional company specializing in the production, sales and agency of laboratory scientific instruments. 

In addition to international famous brands, we have established in-depth production and sales cooperation with domestic high-tech r&d enterprises. Our products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and we have established offices in Europe.

The staff of Beijing HiYi Technology Co., Ltd. have analytical professional education background, with professional technology and rich experience, to provide users with appropriate solutions and technical services. "Quality professional, customer first" has always been our working principle, we will continue to provide new and old users with quality products and technical services.

Hiyi Technology

Company culture

Form a corporate culture that is compatible with customers, and achieve a source of
power for the sustainable development of the company.

Corporate positioning

Corporate positioning

Constantly innovate and have the courage to "FORWARD".

Management philosophy

Management philosophy

Win value with quality, win customers with service.

Business philosophy

Business philosophy

Honesty, pioneering and innovative, manufacturing high-quality goods.

Service philosophy

Service philosophy

Stable and reliable product quality, perfect service system.


Improving the professional qualifications of enterprises to provide customers
with sufficient professional protection.

Occupational health and safety management system certification
Environmental management system certification
Quality management system certification

Corporate image

Create a professional external guarantee position for enterprise laboratory
testing equipment/technology.

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