A Small Cup Milk Can Supplement Olympic Athletes Energy

Date: 2022-02-09 10:59:46    Views: 1089

The Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened on February 4th 2022, and the much-anticipated Winter Olympics competition was also launched. The competition was really in full swing in these day, driving the enthusiasm of all people. 

HiYi Tech also always pays attention to the competition items. In order to perform well and achieve victory, athletes have long private training hours, high intensity activities, low competition temperature, and high altitude of the playing field. These characteristics of winter sports determine that the energy intake of athletes should not only be higher than ordinary people, but also increase than summer sports. In addition, the regular diet of athletes, including not only the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also must have "extra meals". For example, when the training is too full, they can not eat at the restaurant at the right time; if the interval between the two events is too close, it is also difficult to spare time to eat, at this time, you need meal packs or snacks to supplement energy. The meal package mainly includes bread, cookies, fruit, milk, as well as the restaurant's homemade cooked meat products, etc., which can basically provide athletes with the various types of nutrition needed for a meal. 

Compared with hundreds of food, milk small figure does not stand out, but is a good player to supplement the quality of protein, in the Winter Olympics quietly for the players to replenish energy. 


For professional athletes, timely replenishment of energy and electrolytes is very necessary, their sports are intense, a lot of sweating, there is a lot of loss of electrolytes in the body. If you are an average person and do not exercise much every day, you do not need to drink sports drinks specifically. Nutrition experts recommend that people can consume some carbohydrate-based foods, such as bread, cookies, rice, half an hour to an hour before exercise. There are also protein foods, such as milk. The body consumes a lot of energy, potassium ions, sodium ions and water during exercise, and milk contains these substances, which can be quickly replenished. On the other hand, the muscles are more or less damaged in the process of exercise, the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles need protein, and milk is rich in protein, drinking milk after exercise can relieve muscle fatigue, rapid recovery, promote muscle repair and regeneration, and can accelerate metabolism, decomposition of fat, and build a perfect body shape. 

 2021 China's per capita milk consumption 14.4 kg, an increase of 10.6% over 2019. The Dietary Guidelines recommend that each person consume 300 grams of milk and milk products per day, which is about one glass of milk per day. However 14.4 kg a year is about 40 grams a day, a huge gap.

 For adults and children in general: whole milk is recommended. Whole milk retains most of the nutrients in milk, has a suitable ratio of calcium to phosphorus, has a high absorption rate of calcium, and is rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

 Infants and children: breast milk is the mainstay up to 2 years old, and if breast milk is not enough it is recommended to choose formulas suitable for different ages instead of fresh milk. 


After two years of age, fresh milk can be chosen as part of the daily diet, and formula for that age group can also be continued if available. Middle-aged and elderly: declining gastrointestinal function and calcium loss, susceptibility to osteoporosis, and general vitamin A deficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to drink dairy products fortified with vitamin AD. Obese and hyperlipidemic people: Since they cannot consume too much fat, especially saturated fatty acids, skim milk or low-fat milk is more suitable. People who drink milk every day: choose "pasteurized milk". Pasteurized milk retains most of the nutrients in the milk after low temperature sterilization, but has a short shelf life and needs to be stored at low temperature. People who do not drink milk regularly: choose "ultra-high temperature sterilized milk". It has a long shelf life and can be kept at room temperature. However, it is better to put the opened room temperature milk in the refrigerator and drink it as soon as possible. "The main reason is that these people lack lactase or have low lactase activity and are unable to break down the lactose in milk, which is often referred to as "lactose intolerance". This is often referred to as "lactose intolerance". Suggestions: This group of people can drink milk in small amounts and several times after warming, and also with staple foods to delay gastric emptying and increase the residence time of lactose in the small intestine to reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Or choose commercially available low lactose milk and lactose-free milk, such as softened milk. Of course, you can also choose to drink yogurt or cheese instead.

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