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SP VirTis AdVantage Pro Laboratory Benchtop Freeze Dryer

Our AdVantage Pro Freeze Dryers include the option to add innovative data acquisition and trending software that interfaces with the Intellitronics™ controller to ensure you can control your research from anywhere, while meeting the lyophilization requirements of your pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

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SP VirTis AdVantage Pro Laboratory Benchtop Freeze Dryer

The SP VirTis AdVantage Pro Freeze Dryer with Intellitronics™ Controller brings freeze dryers up to date, with ethernet compatibility so that you can monitor cycles from any terminal capable of receiving emails. With its touchscreen display and intuitive design, the AdVantage Pro represents the cutting-edge in freeze-drying. It’s versatile design allows tray and flask refrigeration, so it can be used for a large variety of applications - whether that’s freeze-drying bulk products or stoppered vials. Engineered using premium stainless steel, the reliable build quality ensures downtime is reduced and productivity is maximized. 



  • Only 23 in (56.5 cm) wide, yet with 3 ft2 (2,766 cm2) of usable shelf area, the AdVantage Pro enables product to be safely processed using minimal bench space 

  • Cascade refrigeration provides a -85°C large 6L capacity condenser coil, enabling lyophilization of a wide variety of products and solvents 

  • Optimal heat transfer - silicone flooded shelves mean the AdVantage Pro maintains a precise level of temperature control (+/- 1.0 °C)

  • No more spillages - stopper vials automatically with the optional pneumatic stoppering option

  • Secure data storage and trending software option - ethernet-enabled for effortless data sharing

  • Integrated performance and leak testing - ensures the system is always working optimally

  • Fully customizable - up to ten thermal treatment and twelve drying steps for the ultimate recipe customization


  • Laboratory Research & Development and/or Small Production Freeze-Drying

  • Diagnostic Kits

  • 96 Well Plates

  • Serum Bottles & Vials

  • Bulk Products For Analysis – Plant Material, Organic Tissue, Waste Products


Performance Specifications

Shelf Temperature Control Range-40 to 60 °C-55 to 60 °C
Lowest Shelf Temperature (50 Hz / 60 Hz)-57 °C / -60 °C-62 °C / -65 °C
Shelf Pull-Down from 20 °C to -40 °C≤ 40 minutes≤ 30 minutes
Temperature Uniformity± 1.0 °C± 1.0 °C
Lowest Condenser Temperature (50 Hz / 60 Hz)-67 °C / -70 °C-82 °C / -85 °C
Maximum Condenser Capacity6 L6 L
Maximum Ice Condensing Capacity in 24 hours4 L4 L
Maximum Deposition Rate0.17 L/hour0.17 L/hour
Vacuum Rate of Rise≤ 60 mT/hour
(≤ 0.08 mbar/hour)
≤ 60 mT/hour
(≤ 0.08 mbar/hour)
Number of Compressors12
Compressor Horsepower3/41/3, 3/4
Note: Performance specifications are based on SP Scientific test data from units operating
at an ambient room temperature of approximately 20 °C. SP Scientific recommends an operating range of 15-25 °C (59- 77 °F)
Electrical Requirements

Voltage208-230 VAC208-230 VAC
Hertz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz
Breaker Amperage (Type D)15 A15 A
Receptacle6-15R  (Domestic Only)6-15R  (Domestic Only)
Utility Requirements

Compressed Air (Stoppering Option Only)60 - 90 psig (4.1 - 6.2 bar)60 - 90 psig (4.1 - 6.2 bar)
Approx. Peak Heat Generated (With Vacuum Pump)5,000 BTU/h (1.5 kW)7,000 BTU/h (2 kW)
Approx. Peak Heat Generated (Without Vacuum Pump)4,000 BTU/h (1.2 kW)6,000 BTU/h (1.8 kW)
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