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ATP Fluorescence Detector HY-ATP

The device is a brand new upgraded product with a large touch screen instead of traditional buttons. The operation uses a biochemical reaction method to detect ATP content. The ATP fluorescence detector is based on the principle of firefly luminescence and uses the "luciferase-luciferin system" to quickly detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP swab contains a reagent that can lyse the cell membrane, which can release ATP from the cell, react with the specific enzyme contained in the reagent to produce light, and then use a fluorometer to detect the luminescence value. The number of microorganisms is proportional to the luminescence value. Since all living organisms contain a constant amount of ATP, the ATP content can clearly indicate the residual amount of microorganisms and other organisms in the sample, which is used to judge the sanitary condition.

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Random configuration:

ATP fluorescence detector (handheld) host, aluminum alloy suitcase, drive U disk, PC data cable, data analysis software, operation manual.

Instrument characteristics: 

Practicability —— The upper and lower limits can be set according to the requirements of environmental testing, so that data can be quickly evaluated and early warning, and surface cleanliness can be quickly screened. 

High sensitivity —— 10-15~10-18 mol Fast speed-the conventional culture method is more than 18-24h, while ATP only takes more than ten seconds. 

Feasibility-There is a clear correlation between the number of microorganisms and the ATP contained in the microorganisms. By detecting the ATP content, the number of microorganisms in the reaction can be obtained indirectly.

Operability ——Traditional cultivation methods need to be operated by trained technicians in the laboratory; and the ATP rapid cleanliness detection operation is very simple, and only simple training can be performed by ordinary staff on-site. 

Better experience —— The test tube adopts a pluggable and flexible design, which can be cleaned regularly for long-term use and prolong the life of the instrument.

Instrument application: 

ATP fluorescence detector is widely used in: bacterial and microbial testing, medicine and hygiene, food safety, market law enforcement, surface cleanliness testing, medical and epidemic prevention, water quality and water administration, production line hygiene, industrial water treatment, environmental protection testing, customs entry and exit quarantine and Various industries such as other law enforcement agencies.

The main parameters: 

1. Display: 3.5-inch high-precision graphic touch screen 

2. Processor: 32-bit high-speed data processing chip 

3. detection accuracy: 1×10-18mol

4. Coliform group: 1-106cfu 

5. detection range: 0 to 9999 RLUs 

6. Detection time: 15 seconds 

7. Detection interference: ±5﹪ or ±5 RLUs 

8. Operating temperature range: 5℃ to 40℃ 

9. Operating humidity range: 20—85﹪ 

10 ATP recovery rate: 90-110% 

11. Detection mode: RLU, coliform screening 

12. 50 user ID settings 

13. The number of settable result limits: 251 

14. automatically judge qualified and unqualified 

15. automatic statistics of pass rate 

16. built-in self-calibration light source 

17. 30 seconds self-check after booting 

18. Equipped with a miniUSB interface, the results can be uploaded to the PC 

19. Equipped with dedicated software driver U disk instead of traditional CD

20. Instrument size (W×H×D): 188 mm×77mm×37mm 

21. Use rechargeable lithium battery without battery replacement 

22. Standby state (20℃): 6 months 

23. operation manual 

24. stable liquid luciferase 

25. Wetted integrated collection swab

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